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Maintaining long, gorgeous hair is the ultimate catch 22. To keep hair healthy and strong you need to frequent the salon for monthly trims. The more trims, the shorter the hair. But how else can we avoid dreaded split ends? Now there’s a blowout for that. Seriously.

Brazilian Blowout’s Professional Split End Repair Treatment is essentially a blowout that repairs split ends and strengthens the hair against further damage. Unlike a keratin treatment that changes the texture of the hair, this repair treatment instead focuses on strengthening individual strands while keeping the hair’s natural texture intact. After getting the treatment at Bon-Bon Salon in New York City, I saw immediate results—thicker, shinier hair.
The Basics
Split ends are a result of holes in the hair’s fibers. This treatment uses a bonding system—a combination of natural proteins—to fill in the holes and bind the hair together. A combination of acai, annatto seed and camu camu (a superfood based in the Brazilian Amazon) protect the hair by creating a barrier against heat styling and other damage.
The Process
This is your typical blowout with the addition of the stylist brushing the treatment onto damp hair. Similar to a coloring, the stylist uses an applicator brush to dust the repairing solution on the bottom two to three inches of the hair. Because my hair is very long and there are split ends throughout (I never abide by the four-week trim rule, oops), he applied the treatment from mid-shaft down to my ends. After drying the hair with a round boar bristle brush, he straightened the hair. The heat from the flat-iron actually seals the treatment in. Because the straightener runs through the entire strand, it’s more efficent than a curling iron.
The Maintenance
Upkeep is pretty minimal. After sealing the hair with the flat-iron, it’s recommended to avoid any heat styling for 48 hours since it’s likely to burn the added protein. On average the treatment lasts 4-6 weeks. To keep hair stronger longer, use the brand’s Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner. Both include the same complex of proteins and vitamins as the treatment. Finish with the Acai Daily Smoothing Serum that works as a styling protectant against heat and smoothes and conditions the hair even more.
Now I’ve got another four weeks until I need my next trim, guaranteed. Read More: